Welcome to Gymboree Play & Music!

We know how tough it has been for you in the last few months. Taking care of a child during COVID isolation is not an easy task. Come speak to another parent just like you and let your tiny human see another. Experience the amazing Parent Gymboree Community and recreate the magic of childhood. Try our First class for Free!

Please take a moment to look over our new procedures based on City regulations and CDC guidelines:

1. Play Classes are restricted to 7 kids to enhance social distance. School Skills and Art will be limited to 6 kids. Simply reserve your class ahead of time online. If you are unable to attend a previously reserved class, please cancel 12 hours in advance so other members can utilize the empty slot.

2. Masks/Face Coverings are required for all adults including our teachers. Adults please don't forget to bring your socks.

3. Temperature will be taken for all adults entering the site. Any person's temperature above 100.4F will not be allowed to enter the site.

4. To supplement our already stringent cleaning procedures, our site will be fogged with Hypochlorous Acid before every class or every other class as needed.

5. Additional time is added between classes to facilitate cleanliness. It will help us tremendously if you exit the lobby area as soon as your class finishes.

6. Anyone with a cough, runny nose, or other cold-like symptoms will not be allowed in class even if the symptoms are allergy related.

7. Our classes will be minimizing prop uses and will avoid toy sharing and bubbles will be blown mechanically.

Simple Steps after you purchase a Membership or Class Pass!

1. Reserve your age appropriate class online.

2. Adults bring their mask and socks.

3. Arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to class.

4. For parents buying a pass for Family Private Open Gym; reserve a time of your choice after pass purchase.

We love what we do and take our job seriously to be part of your parenthood journey! Empowering Parents with tools of Play and bringing smiles to our little ones is what makes our day.

Hip Hip Hooray! Make it a Gymboree Day. Buy our Membership today!