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Explorers (2-3 years)

Focus: Imagination

Where they are:

Your little one is communicating, sharing opinions (probably mostly ‘no’), and showing interest in their first friends! They can do new things like walk backwards, jump, and balance on one foot.

What to expect in class:

Our play floor comes to life with trips to the grocery store, eating pizza, finding animals, and even bugs! We’ll use creativity and imagination in all activities. Throw a pretend party, imagine a wild trip to outer space, or pretend to be an ant in a bug’s world...we’ll transform our playscape into a whole new world!


Physical: Jumping, climbing, crawling, and dancing all support improved balance and coordination skills along with building strong muscles and bones.

Cognitive: Playing in this class supports pretending and imagining, which benefits problem solving skills, communication, and creativity.

Social: The classroom environment helps children prepare for school, learn how to be around other children and socialize.

Adults: School is just a few years away, and in this class, you get to witness your child’s mind come to life and be part of their learning journey. They are only this little for so long, let’s enjoy the moments and play!

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