Welcome to Gymboree Play & Music!

Looking for something fun to do with your young children?

Who can think of something better than spending time with your child in one of our Gymboree Learning Programs? Whether you are looking for an educational program, one that focuses upon fine/gross motor development, socialization, enrichment, or just plain fun, we have a class just for you.

Gymboree Play: Our play classes allow little ones to explore various textures, surfaces, and body movements, while adults are able to amaze at their little ones knew-found knowledge and confidence while being able to socialize with other adults.  We also offer a Family Spanish-Bilingual class.
Gymboree Music: Our music classes provide the building blocks for musical learning by exploring rhythm, beat, tempo, and melody through the use of different musical styles and instruments from around the world.
Gymboree Art: During our art classes, your little one will take home more then a finished project. They will leave with enhanced confidence, and a means of self-expression. Your child will explore the arts through a sensory-tactile experience, painting, sculpting, story time, and movement activities. We focus upon the process, not merely the product of our budding artists.
Gymboree Sports: During our sports classes, your little one will learn about teamwork, self-discipline, poise, and of course the fundamentals of sports.
School Readiness: We offer 2 hour drop-off classes for your 3-5 year old. With our small classes of five students per teacher, we have the ability to focus upon developing skills like relatedness, independence, confidence, letter and number recognition, and much needed free play, using our Gymboree equipment. All of these skills help a child succeed in a classroom, or can be used as an alternative to traditional pre-school during this uncertain time.

Membership Fees:
Our membership packages are available for purchase on our website, or call to register, or in person on site.
Monthly Tuition: $60 and up
Additional/Sibling Classes: $48 and up
Enrollment Fee (lifetime, paid once per family): $60, includes product and party discounts
Unlimited Open Gyms included with each active membership, or purchase an Open Gym Membership
Open Gym Drop-Offs: $5 per child for one hour while adult remains on Gateway Plaza property (must have a valid membership or class pass).

Exclusive Time: $25 and up per child (call or email to schedule your private play time)

Private Parties:

Baby Showers, Birthdays, Farewell, Just Because, you can always find a reason to party!
Discount for Members.
Please call or email to find out about availability and specifics regarding our party packages.

Things to Know:
Here are a few helpful hints for making your experience at Gymboree enjoyable for all!
*All adults must wear socks while on the playfloor, shoes are not permitted (socks are available for sale if you forget yours).
*Please bring only healthy children (and adults) to classes. We have a very liberal make-up policy so that you won't miss out on any of the fun.
*Stay within a hug's reach of your child at all times.
*Food and drinks are not permitted on the playfloor.
*For safety reasons, and so you and your child can fully enjoy this special time together, siblings should not be brought to class. Ask about our Family classes for family fun.

Extra Precautions During Covid-19:

We know everyone is growing tired of the challenges we have been facing for the past year, and we’re all ready to return to life as close to “normal” as possible. We appreciate the efforts our families have taken by calling out when sick, and letting us know they will miss several classes due to exposure to Covid-19.Your commitment to protecting everyone has helped to keep Gymboree Play & Music of Southlake a safe place for our families to play.

The health and safety of the teachers and families who walk through our doors are a priority for those of us at Gymboree Play & Music of Southlake, therefore, along with the other Texas Gymboree Play & Music locations, we are continuing to require masks for all those over 5 years of age who wish to enter our sites for public classes. While the safety of masks allow us to increase our occupancy rates from 5 students, Southlake will also continue to limit our occupancy rates to no more than 20 people - students AND parents - per class.

At Gymboree Play & Music of Southlake, we recognize that some people are ready to enjoy classes and Open Gyms without masks, while others are still hesitant to be around others at all. We want to include everyone at their comfort levels, so we welcome you to schedule private sessions, or Exclusive Times, with us to accommodate these needs, or enroll in Gymboree Play & Music’s virtual classes.

At this time, we are changing our mask policy for our Exclusive Class or Exclusive Open Gym reservations only. While everyone is encouraged to wear masks for the safety of our communities, we will NOT require adults to wear masks for Exclusive Classes and Exclusive Open Gyms at this time. Teachers will continue to wear masks and may add face shields during all Exclusive reservations to protect others.

To maintain the health and safety of all our families,

we at Gymboree Play & Music of Southlake will continue to:

1. Require all those over 5 years of age wear a proper mask over their noses and mouths while on site for public Classes and Open Gyms. We have disposable masks for free and clear masks for $4 if you do not have a proper mask to wear.

2. Take temperatures upon your arrival. If anyone in your household is ill, or you believe any of you may have been exposed to Covid-19, please reschedule your sessions. We will gladly allow you to make up classes at a future date and reschedule any Private Parties and Exclusive Times.

3.Sanitize all play equipment, toys, and other props between classes and Open Gym sessions.

4. Provide hand sanitizer and soap for use before, during, and after play.

5.Have our site sprayed weekly with a food-safe germicide.

6. Keep class sizes limited to 6 children and 6 adults for our Music, Art, and School Classes, but increase sizes to 10 children and 10 adults for Play & Learn and Sports Skills Classes and Open Gyms. Sizes for Exclusive Times and Private Parties will be determined by mask usage.

7. Offer Exclusive Time classes and Open Gyms to accommodate those who prefer the extra safety of limited numbers, or would like a private session or party among friends, but will allow them to be “mask optional.” Private sessions will be limited to 20 attendees or fewer based on mask usage.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we navigate what will hopefully be our final months of mask wearing. We hope you and your families will continue to Play & Learn with us in the manner most comfortable for you. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.

We are located in Gateway Plaza between Kohl's and Honey Baked Express.
For more information, please call 817-421-9300. 

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