Welcome to Gymboree Play & Music!

We know how tough it has been for you in the last few months. Taking care of a child during COVID isolation is not an easy task. Come speak to another parent just like you and let your tiny human see another. Experience the amazing Parent Gymboree Community and recreate the magic of childhood.

Welcome to Gymboree Play & Music at Post Oak Central. We are located at 1990 Post Oak Blvd. We are located between Westheimer and San Felipe across from the Hilton Hotel. We are behind the 3 Post Oak Central buildings in the retail center towards the back, next to Skyline Deli.
You can join anytime - our classes are ongoing! Register online or call to try a class for as little as $15 which, will be applied towards your enrollment if enrolled within 30-days from preview date. Only 1 preview is permitted per child. We do not offer a FREE trial class in our drop-off classes. A small fee will apply.

Please take a moment to look over our new procedures based on City regulations and CDC guidelines:
1. Play Classes are restricted to 8 kids to enhance social distance. School Skills, Music and Art classes will be limited to 5 kids. Simply reserve your class ahead of time online. If you are unable to attend a previously reserved class, please cancel 12 hours in advance so other members can utilize the empty slot.
2. Masks/Face Coverings are required for all adults including our teachers.
3. Temperature will be taken for all adults entering the site. Any person's temperature above 100.4F will not be allowed to enter the site.
4. To supplement our already stringent cleaning procedures, our site will be fogged with Hypochlorous Acid before every class or every other class as needed.

We also offer:
20% discount for second child or program.
50% discount for twins/triplets.

One-time fee for new families only.
Monthly membership payments are auto charged to your credit/debit card.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Should you need to cancel your membership, you must notify us in writing or in person 14 days before your next billing date. No exceptions. Once membership is canceled, all classes and makeups are voided. No credit or refunds can be given for missed and unused classes. 

Helpful Hints:
- All adults must wear socks while on the play floor-no shoes are allowed. Please remember to bring a pair with you.
- Please bring only healthy children to class. We have a liberal makeup policy so if your child is sick please makeup class on a day they are feeling better.
-Stay within a hugs reach of your child at all times.
-Food and drink are not allowed on the play floor.
-For safety reasons and so that you and your child can enjoy this special time together, older siblings are not allowed on the play floor. They are invited to watch and wait in the lobby area.
-This is your special time to bond with your child so please refrain from using your smart devices during class. 

Our team looks forward to your visit and will be available to offer you and your child a warm and unique experience!