Welcome to Gymboree Play & Music!

Welcome to Gymboree Play and Music of Lake Oswego, located next to Bridgeport Village at exit 290 on I-5.  Please feel free to call (503) 670-1683 or email oswegoor@gymboreeclasses.com with any questions.


We offer a Standard and Premium membership plan.  A membership at either of our sites (Hillsboro and Lake Oswego) can be used at both sites at no extra charge.

Our Standard plan includes one with-parent class per week (in our Art, Music or Play program – you may switch classes each week), unlimited open gym, a 10% discount on retail products and a discount on birthday parties.  The price is $79/month.

Our Premium plan includes unlimited with-parent classes, unlimited open gym, a 10% discount on retail products, a discount on birthday parties and free entry for our annual Gymboween event.  For children over 2 ½ on the Premium plan also includes one school-preparatory drop-off class per week, either our Preschool Steps or School Skills class, depending on age.  The price is $139/month.

Which is best for you?  If you think you'll attend classes* more than once per week or have an older child and want to enroll that child in the school-preparatory drop-off classes, you'll need the Premium plan.  Otherwise the Standard plan will suffice.

* Remember that unlimited Open Gym sessions are a benefit of both plans.

We offer a steep discount for parents who enroll multiple children in our programs (available in-site only, not online).

We have eliminated our initiation fees (effective April 2019) and customers who keep their membership(s) active will benefit from our “grandfathered” pricing policy – in the event of future price increases, we will not raise the price on active members.

Purchase a membership by visiting the site, calling us, or navigating to https://www.gymboreeclasses.com/en/locations/OR/Lake-Oswego/pricing.html to purchase online.

You may begin and end your membership whenever you wish – there is no contract requiring you to attend beyond the time that’s right for your child.  Just tell us when you want to cancel your membership and we will stop billing you.

If you’re looking for options other than our traditional monthly memberships, please contact us about these options:

·         We sell a Class Pass that’s best-suited for people who can’t attend regularly or just prefer not to have a membership.

·         Prepay your membership for a year to receive a 10% discount and to avoid recurring charges

·         We offer a one-week pass that’s best for people just visiting.

A Note on Passes vs. Memberships

Passes are best if you prefer classes to open gym, only attend once or twice per month, and don't want a recurring membership.

If you attend open gym as well as classes or attend more than twice/month, and if you're OK with having your card on file for a recurring membership, a membership offers much better value than a class pass.

Birthday Parties

Our 2-hour party is $349 for members and includes exclusive use of our center, two trained staff members, favors, invitations and all paper goods.  The only things you provide are refreshments.

The non-member price is $399 and includes a trial month of our Premium membership plan.

Parties are only available on Saturdays from 3-5PM.  From December through April, typically every available Saturday books, so reserve early.  May through November is usually easier to reserve.  Please call to reserve your party or if you have additional questions.

Make-up Classes

Whether your child misses a class because of illness, vacation, or just a nap, you may attend a make-up class any time your membership remains active.  No advance reservation is required to do this, except for our school-preparatory drop-off classes – for with-parent classes, just show up!

Adult Participation

An adult must participate with each child in all classes except our school-preparatory drop-off classes.


Stay within a hugs reach of your child to ensure your child's safety.


Please bring only healthy children to class and take advantage of our liberal make-up policy when you or your child are ill.

What to Wear

Adults must wear socks or shoe covers.  For the best traction for children, we suggest bare feet or friction socks.