Welcome to Gymboree Play & Music!

We’re getting ready for Summer with some spectacular deals this month at Gymboree Play & Music. Ask us what we’ve got going on!


Every two weeks we’ll be changing up our uniquely designed play equipment and program themes in all class levels to support your child’s age and development. You and your little one will discover something new to explore together each time you come to class.


Become part of our community and explore the many benefits of play your membership will bring, like special promotional discounts on products, special events and more. And Open Gym hours for stress-free play, included with every membership.

Welcome to Gymboree Toronto 
How do we help grow young minds? o­ne level at a time!
Think about it this way, 80% of your childs brain will develop by age 5. 
Thats why you and the Gymboree Learning Program are so important at this stage in your childs life. 
We have carefully crafted a new program where each level focuses o­n the specific developmental milestone your child is working o­n at his/her age. Equally as important, is providing you with the support and guidance you need to become a more confident parent. 
The goal of our new program is simple: together we want to help you raise happy, confident and successful children.

Important: Each monthly payment is for four consecutive weeks of classes. Payments are o­ngoing until notice of cancellation is received.

Cancellation Policy; Notice of cancellation must be received in writing or via e-mail by Gymboree at least 2 days prior to your billing anniversary date in order not to be charged for the next month of programming. Notice of cancellation given o­n, after or with less than 2 days notice of your billing date will be subject to a $30 administration fee against any refund for classes remaining as of date of notification. All New enrollments are for a minimum of 2 months. There is a $30 administration fee for all prepaid 8 week registrations regardless of when cancellation happens.
 Non-attendance does not denote cancellation. Missed classes will not be credited nor refunded. Missed classes can be made up anytime during your continued enrollment before the last day.

Important: Sibling Policy - please note - Siblings under 12 who are not enrolled will not be permitted o­n the playfloor for safety reasons. Siblings cannot be left in the lobby unattended. Siblings under 6 months are welcome to attend their big sister/brother class if the are in a snugli :-)