Welcome to Gymboree Play & Music!

How does your child benefit by attending Gymboree? 

Socialization ? Socialization skills grow as children spend time with one another, plus children experience their first positive teacher relationship. Many children make their first friends at Gymboree. Parents make their first friends too, making new parenthood a less isolating and more fulfilling experience. 

Physical Development, Fitness, Sensory Stimulation - the start of a fit lifestyle, children crawl, run, climb, jump, move on playscapes that change every 2 weeks, learning physical skills such as motor planning, spatial discrimination, hand eye coordination and much more. Babies receive sensory motor strength instruction using fun games and songs that aid development and brain growth.

Cognitive Stimulation - a baby's brain grows faster now than at any other time in life. We specialize in stimulating all parts of the brain through fun parent child activities including baby problem solving. Children learn spatial concepts such as over-under, imaginary concepts, such as zoo, busy builders, around town, songs, dances and cooperation skills. Handouts are given to encourage at home play. We encourage our parents to see Gymboree as a parenting lifestyle rather than just a class. The more interactive play is with other children and adults, the better for each child. Our teachers show you just how to do it.

Emotional Bonds - a special uninterrupted shared fun, safe experience, Gymboree strengthens bonds between children, parents and caregivers. Yes, even caregivers need the socialization that Gymboree provides. Gymboree is a YES place, looked forward to every week by children and parents alike. It definitely deepens bonds, creates memories and aids the emotional development of our little ones.

We invite you to schedule a free preview today so you too can see firsthand, how the positive experience that Gymboree provides, overwhelmingly benefits your child!  

Children may take up to several classes to feel at home. Have patience and follow your child's lead. Socks are required. Enrolled children attend UNLIMITED FREE open gyms (unstructured equipment time).  To assure that all children feel at home at Gymboree, there is a minimum 3 month enrollment for all classes except Summer Camp. See schedule for available times.

Membership: $50 per child (lifetime or one time only).

Play and Learn, Art, Music, Baby Lab, STEM: (45/60 minutes) $149/month. 2nd child, 2nd class $99, 3rd child, 3rd class $69.

PreSchool Steps: (75 minutes) - our new separation program for 2 year olds. $169/month.

2 days, 2 hours, $258 monthly, $2499 yearly (10 months)

2 days, 45 hours, 45 minutes, $312 monthly, $2999 yearly (10 months)

School Skills: our preschool alternative program for 2.5-5 yo.

2 days, 2hr 45min, $312 monthly, $2999 yearly (10 months)

3 days, 2hr 45min, $362 monthly, $3499 yearly (10 months)

Advantages of our program: no closed weeks, makeup classes, free open gyms, all season gym, science curriculum, Handwriting Without Tears, literacy program, 6 to 1 ratio, snacks included.

Loyalty Discounts (All Programs):  After 6 months, tuition decreases by $15, after 12 months, tuition decreases by $30 as long as you remain enrolled! Loyalty discounts transfer to all curricula.

Gymbo Academy: our newest addition to the Gymboree bundle of classes, gives parents a one stop shop for academic and enrichment classes for their children.  Gymbo Academy includes all of our 2.5-5 year old programs including:  School Skills, Art, Music, Sports, Fitness, Yoga, Global Kids, STEM, Spanish.  Program availability will vary according to center.  Classes are available during the day as well as after school.  Most classes are 1 hour in length and can be bundled together for convenience. Children can transfer among programs. Call 866-477-3700 or email for full class schedule.

Charter Memberships in our Gymbo Academy are now available for those families enrolling before 12-31-18!

1 class/1 hour Charter $99/month  (Loyalty discounts do not apply to charter memberships)

2 class/2 hour Charter $198/month (Loyalty discounts do not apply to charter memberships)

3 class/3  hour Charter $279/month (Loyalty discounts do not apply to charter memberships)

All classes include free open gyms as long as you are enrolled. Special Baby only open gyms may be available. Family classes, Baby Signs, Jammie Nights, Baby Socials, Parent Socials, Parent Night Out, Parent Workshops, Parent Boot Camp, Summer Camp. Charity Events and Birthday parties (with discounts for currently enrolled students) are also available. Pick up a special activity calendar at your center for schedules.  Call our party planner early for best choice of party dates at 516-507-0329.

Ask about our Frequently Asked Questions and our Guidelines handouts.  Both will be emailed to you when you schedule your free preview.