Welcome to Gymboree Play & Music!

Welcome to Gymboree Play & Music of Nanuet!
204 Airport Executive Park
Nanuet, NY 10954

How does your child benefit by attending Gymboree?

- Comfort with other children and adults, plus their first teacher
relationship. Many children make their first friends at Gymboree. Parents make
their first friends too, making new parenthood less isolating and a more fulfilling

Physical Development, Fitness, Sensory Stimulation - the start of a fit lifestyle,
children crawl, run, climb, jump, move o­n playscapes that change every 2 weeks,
learning physical skills such as motor planning, spatial discrimination, hand-eye
coordination. Even the youngest babies benefit from sensory and motor stimulation
with a fun, musical Gymboree twist.

Cognitive Stimulation
- a baby's brain grows faster now than at any other time.
We specialize in stimulating all parts of the brain through fun parent child activities
including baby problem solving. Children learn spatial concepts such as over
under, imaginary concepts, such as zoo, busy builders, around town, songs and
dances. The more interactive play, the better for each child.

Emotional Bonds
- A special uninterrupted shared fun, safe and positive experience.
with your child. Gymboree is a YES place,looked forward to every week by children
and parents or caregiver alike. it definitely deepens bonds and creates lifelong memories.


Here are a few helpful hints for making your experience at Gymboree enjoyable!

-Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before the scheduled class time and do your
best to not be late.
-Dress your child in comfortable play clothes and gripper socks for better traction in
the gym or have them go barefoot.
-All adults must wear socks o­n the playfloor. No shoes allowed!!
-Stay within a hug's reach of your child for safety and extra encouragement.
-No food or drinks allowed o­n the playfloor. Please be courteous of our little
friends with allergies.
-Please do not bring sick children to class, we have a generous makeup policy as long as you
are currently enrolled. We do have the right to ask you to leave if you are sick.
-For Safety reasons and so you and your child can fully enjoy this special time
together, siblings should not be brought to class, except those enrolled in family class.
(Infants may be brought in a snugli/car seat carrier or stroller.)

Our team is known for being warm, welcoming and eager to make your experience memorable.
We look forward to your visit!