Welcome to Gymboree Play & Music!

We’re getting ready for Summer with some spectacular deals this month at Gymboree Play & Music. Ask us what we’ve got going on!


Every two weeks we’ll be changing up our uniquely designed play equipment and program themes in all class levels to support your child’s age and development. You and your little one will discover something new to explore together each time you come to class.


Become part of our community and explore the many benefits of play your membership will bring, like special promotional discounts on products, special events and more. And Open Gym hours for stress-free play, included with every membership.

Hello! Club Gymboree is designed for kids ages 6 months - 5 years. Kids 6+ are welcome to come to Club Gymboree, but they will not be allowed to play on the equipment or otherwise "play" on the Playfloor (though they may help with/spot their younger siblings). We offer a comfortable and safe area (within eyesight of mom!) for older kids to relax, read or do homework.

We operate on a Membership-Only model, and cap the number of members to ensure that the site doesn't get overcrowded at popular times. We maintain a waiting list once we reach our maximum number of memberships. We NEVER play games regarding your membership and billing. When you want to stop coming, you tell us and we stop billing you - it is as simple as that. It's easier for us if you tell us at least 10 days before your billing date, but we won't bill you as long as you tell us before we do it. There's NO fine print about being required to tell us X days in advance, etc. - we hate rules like that just as much as you do! Monthly billing is designed to make our life easier and your life easier; it is not an excuse to separate you from money you don't want to spend anymore!

Pricing is based on the number of children aged 6 mos - 5 years in your family. To thank families are the first to join us in this exciting new venture, we commit that their pricing will NEVER INCREASE as long as they stay enrolled with us (even if we raise our prices). .

One Child: $78/month
Two Children: $98/month
Three or more Children: $108/month

*1st time guests pay promotion rate of $10.00

*Non members pay to play $25.00 per visit

There is a $35/family New Member Fee.

Birthday Parties
We would love to throw your child the world's best birthday party with a great big gift in it for you: no clean up! Let us design a customized party that we are sure no one will forget. We offer birthday party times on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, at 1:00. 3:00 and 5:00. Party times fill very fast!

Things to Know
Here are a few helpful hints for making your experience at Gymboree more enjoyable!
-Adults must wear socks at all times. Children can wear socks or go barefoot. No shoes are allowed on the Playfloor
-Stay within a hugs reach of your child at all times.
-Please do not bring sick children to Gymboree - follow the Golden Rule: If you would not want your child playing next to a child coughing/sneezing/etc. like your child is today, please do NOT bring him/her to Gymboree (even if you believe that your child is not contagious).

Our experienced staff will be available to offer you and your child a warm, unique experience and provide you with any other information that you may need! Please give us a call at (704) 759-8521 to enroll!