Welcome to Gymboree Play & Music!

Thank you for your interest in Gymboree Play & Music of Rochester Hills!

Gymboree classes are all parent interactive as well as uniquely and intentionally designed around your child’s early development under 5 years old. This happens organically and is different for every child. Classes are not designed by age, but rather by milestone so our parents have more flexibility to choose the class that is right for them and their little one. You will notice on the Class Schedule on our website there are ages listed in the class title. This is only to give guidance as to the approximate age the class is geared toward, the class is still focused on the developmental ability of your child.


To Attend A Class

FIRST purchase the according Class Fee, Class Pack, or Unlimited Membership for your child.

THEN click on the Class Schedule to make a reservation in your desired class.

All classes are reservation only.


There are multiple pricing options available to suit your needs depending on how often you would like to attend classes. All package and membership prices are found listed within the pricing highlight section.


Download the Gymboree Play & Music app for your smartphone…it makes scheduling and purchasing classes super easy! Once you create your account, you can manage your class reservations, cancellations, and even change your billing information right from the app.

Gymboree of Rochester Hills will NOT be offering separate Music or Art Classes this year due to being short staffed. Every class we do offer contains music and movement activities along with instrument exploration incorporating music into play. Gymboree hosts theme parties throughout the year that include a craft for all little ones to complete and take home. This may help you decide to pursue art further or wait until interest is shown. Once you create an account, you will begin to receive our emails to alert you when we have classes being added to the schedule, upcoming events, theme party dates, and much more. Our social media accounts are a great way to see pictures and videos of our location as well. 

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For families that may have a young infant and an older toddler, you are welcome to attend class with your toddler and use a front carrier or car seat to contain your baby until they are mobile and can play. They must stay contained throughout the entire class so you have both hands free for your toddler to stay safe. Once they are able to participate, the sibling fee will apply.

All classes are parent interactive. Parents must be present and attentive to their little one at all times making sure everyone stays safe. Cell phones may be used for pictures and videos, then put away. No calls, texting, posting, etc. on the play floor.


Adults must wear socks on the play floor, little ones can have bare feet or play in socks. (Socks are sold for $2 if you forget them)

Everyone must sanitize their hands before entering the play floor. All of the props, balls, equipment, restrooms, and high traffic areas in the building are heavily cleaned and sterilized at the end of each day. There are between 12 and 16 children allowed within a class (depending on which class).


We offer Birthday Parties! There are 4 different Birthday Party Packages to choose from, all of which give private use of the entire facility for the duration of the party. Ask us to email you more details!

Gymboree will close for adverse weather following that of Rochester Community Schools closures. This will be posted on social media and emailed to existing reservations for that day.

Gymboree Play & Music in Rochester Hills is the only location in Michigan currently and offering the following classes:

Family Play Class:

This is for everyone age 6 months (or mobile) to 5 years old!

Crawling, Walking, Running, or Exploring! Everyone is welcome! Participating in a diverse class of physical, social, and cognitive developmental skills creates a dynamic class, where younger children benefit from watching older children and older children benefit from being leaders. Great for siblings too!

What to expect in class:

This is a perfect opportunity for siblings to experience class together, or for children to practice more diverse social skills like leadership and peer modeling. All activities promote socialization, sharing, patience, following directions, relinquishing items and/or other age appropriate skills for little ones to work on. We encourage you to take your child’s lead and go where they want to go, don’t worry if they don’t want to participate at first, it takes time to adjust! The last ½ hour of class is open play time for you and your little one to play and explore together, possibly practicing what was learned in class. Usually 1 hour of time is PLENTY for that age group! 


Babies Class 

(Newborns) Babies are just getting comfortable being out of the house and beginning to explore! This class is for non-mobile babies.

What to expect in class:

You’ll learn a variety of ways to play with your newest arrival. Non-mobile babies are exposed to sensory play, songs, and the beginnings of social play. Meet like-minded parents while our instructors lead you through nurturing exercises and activities that stimulate your baby’s brain development. The first stepping stone to sparking a love of learning!


Crawlers Class

These babies are on the move! Crawling, cruising, rolling, sitting, ready to explore anything and everything.

What to expect in class:

We open our class with musical warm-up exercises, and then explore new physical challenges every week while motivating our little ones with props to excite them into climbing and exploration. They can attempt tummy time from a new perspective or on a new texture, slide down slides on soft lambskins, or take a ride in a gentle swing! Play as a group and socialize with others! Sing songs, learn a routine, and PLAY


Walkers Class

Just like that you have a walker! They might not be steady, but they’ve taken their first few steps! Now more than ever is the time to build those muscles, strengthen those legs, and let those little ones take off!

What to expect in class:

It’s all about opposites: loud and quiet, fast and slow, up and down! Contrasting ‘themes’ help your child learn better ways to communicate. We move across the bridge sllowwwly and then fast! They'll learn how to control body movements and use their body to navigate and problem solve across monkey bars, giant cushions, and through little tunnels. We’ll also practice repetition and routine with regular signature activities done throughout every class.


Runners Class

At this developmental stage, little ones’ abilities are exploding: they are communicating, running, showing interest in friends, and can’t stop exploring!

What to expect in class:

We’ll explore new physical challenges every week through teacher-led activities, with a focus on different ways to use each piece of our equipment. Crawl through tunnels, explore different textures, slide down slides (or climb up slides!), toddle over bridges, or take a ride in a swing!! We’ll also practice social skills and memory building through sing-alongs and group-play.


Explorers Class

Your little one is communicating, sharing opinions (probably mostly ‘no’), and showing interest in their first friends! They can do new things like walk backwards, jump, and balance on one foot.

What to expect in class:

Our play floor comes to life with trips to the grocery store, eating pizza, finding animals, and even bugs! We’ll use creativity and imagination in all activities. Throw a pretend party, imagine a wild trip to outer space, or pretend to be an ant in a bug’s world...we’ll transform our playscape into a whole new world!

We can’t wait to meet you and your little one in Gymboree Class! Please reach out to us at rochestermi@gymboreeclasses.com if you have any further questions.