Welcome to Gymboree Play & Music!

Come Play at Gymboree Play & Music! The month of March focuses on the importance of early child development. The power of play prepares children for a lifetime of learning around three key elements: social/emotional, cognitive, and physical. Building skills at an early age helps children be confident, successful, and happy little learners!

Every three weeks we’ll be changing up our uniquely designed play equipment and program themes in all class levels to support your child’s age and development. You and your little one will discover something new to explore together each time you come to class.

Become part of our community and explore the many benefits of play your membership will bring, like special promotional discounts on products, special events and more. And Open Gym hours for stress-free play, included with every membership.

Welcome to Gymboree Play & Music of Baton Rouge
6612 Jones Creek Rd
Baton Rouge, LA 70817


Register for your FREE TRIAL CLASS today to try us out! Only one free class per child, as a member you have the opportunity to try all the other fun programs we have to offer! In addition to monthly memberships, we also offer prepaid membership plans, class series passes, and walk-in classes.

Membership Benefits:
- Unlimited Open Gym and class make-ups during your enrollment

- Discounts for siblings
- Discounts o­n Gymboree Private Parties

- Discounts on special paid events

Helpful Hints
Here are a few helpful hints for making your experience at Gymboree enjoyable!
- All adults must wear socks while o­n the playfloor - no shoes are allowed. 
- Please bring o­nly healthy children to class. We have a liberal make-up policy so you won't miss out o­n any of the fun!
- Stay within a hugs reach of your child at all times.

- For safety reasons, and so you and your child can fully enjoy this special time together, siblings should not be brought to class, except during Family Classes. They may wait in the lobby.
- To enjoy this special time with your child and not disturb the other classmates, please refrain from using your cell phone during class.
- Food and drink are not allowed o­n the playfloor.