Welcome to Gymboree Play & Music!

We’re getting ready for Summer with some spectacular deals this month at Gymboree Play & Music. Ask us what we’ve got going on!


Every two weeks we’ll be changing up our uniquely designed play equipment and program themes in all class levels to support your child’s age and development. You and your little one will discover something new to explore together each time you come to class.


Become part of our community and explore the many benefits of play your membership will bring, like special promotional discounts on products, special events and more. And Open Gym hours for stress-free play, included with every membership.

-Unlimited Play, Create, & Sing classes: $95/month

-Play & Learn, Create & Learn, Sing & Learn, or Play Lab class: $70/month 

-Preschooler 75 minute option: $80/month

-Gymbo Academy (60 Minute class): $85/month

-Gymbo Academy (120 Minute class): $114/month

-Gymbo Academy (180 Minute class): $175/month

-New Member Fee: $40 (One time only; fee at enrollment of first child)

-Second Class/Sibling Discount: Discount off lower priced class per month 

-Multiple Day options available for Gymbo Academy

-Membership includes FREE, unlimited Open PlayGym and class make-ups, as long as you are currently enrolled. 

-Open PlayGyms 11x per week

-Class membership is 4 times a month; Unlimited option starts at $95/month (addtional cost for School Readiness programming).

Your classes begin whenever you're ready and continue monthly until you let us know you need to stop.

Choose your child's favorite theme and we'll create a private, personalized party experience filled with kid friendly activities guaranteed to be 100% fun with zero clean up! Parties start at $249 for 90 minutes of private party fun for up to 20 children ($30 off for currently enrolled members). Includes a fabulous Gymboree teacher, invitations, paper products, setup and cleanup. Additional party options and themes available. Space is limited, so, book your special party today!

We can come join your child's party or special event! You provide the public location, we will provide the fun! Contact us for more details.

Here are a few helpful hints for making your experience at Gymboree more enjoyable.
-Adults must wear socks while on the playfloor or studio-no shoes are allowed. Please remember to bring a pair with you.
-Please bring only healthy children to class. We have a liberal make-up policy so you won't miss out on any of the fun!
-Stay within a hugs reach of your child at all times.
-Food and Drink are not allowed on the playfloor.