Welcome to Gymboree Play & Music!

Stay cool this Summer inside our clean, cool and active play space! Children ages 0-5 years of age can learn, grow and play while they beat the July heat. Ask us what specials we have going on too!


Every two weeks we’ll be changing up our uniquely designed play equipment and program themes in all class levels to support your child’s age and development. You and your little one will discover something new to explore together each time you come to class.


Become part of our community and explore the many benefits that your membership will bring, like special promotional discounts on products, special events and more. And Open Gym hours for stress-free play, included with every monthly membership.  Class passes are available as well that can be used to attend our Open Gyms.

How does your child benefit by attending Gymboree?

Socialization - Children become more comfortable with other children and adults and experience their first teacher relationship before they go to school. Children and adults alike meet first friends at Gymboree - some that last a lifetime! New parenthood becomes a less isolating and more fulfilling experience.

Physical Development, Fitness, Sensory Stimulation - Children embrace a fit lifestyle at an early age. They will crawl, run, climb, jump and move on playscapes that change every 2 weeks, learning physical skills such as motor planning, spatial discrimination and hand-eye coordination. Even the youngest babies benefit from sensory and motor stimulation with a fun, musical Gymboree twist.

Cognitive Stimulation - A baby's brain grows faster now than at any other time. Gymboree activities stimulate all parts of the brain through fun parent-child activities. Children learn spatial, problem-solving and imaginary concepts.

Emotional Bonds - Gymboree is a special, uninterrupted time to explore and share fun, safe and positive experiences with your child. The experience is sure to deepen bonds between children and their parent or caregiver and creates lifelong memories.

Please arrive no more than 5 minutes early.
Dress your child in comfortable play clothes. If your child is walking, he/she may be barefoot or wear socks.
Parents must wear socks in all our play rooms. Please leave cell phone in the lobby or turned off.
Let your child lead you. Follow their desires.
Stay within arms-length of your child for safety and extra encouragement.
If one of you is ill, please schedule a make-up. You may make up any class you miss as long as you stay enrolled