Welcome to Gymboree Play & Music!

Gymboree Play & Music Vancouver Center is the ONE-STOP DESTINATION for families who look for professionally designed early childhood development classes. Our classes are tailored to different age groups ranging from infant/newborns to 5 years old, we look forward to welcoming all families from Greater Vancouver Region.

Highlights of our Academic Drop-off Programs:

Preschool Prep with HOMER: Academic Class for Children 2-3 years old

Prepare your little one with strong academic and social skills  for preschool, kindergarten! With our professionally designed and engaging themes, such as Dinosaurs, Gardens, Our World, and many more, our teachers will help children to build pre-literacy , numeracy, and physical development. Caregivers are expected to stay with their child for the first 30 minutes, and return to our centre at the end of each session.

Early Literacy & Math – Build Phonemic development, auditory skills, letter knowledge, early writing, numeracy, and many more.

Independence – Learn about saying goodbye to parents, and meeting back again after class.

Social Skills – Learn about sharing space, following instructions, and taking turns, and many more.

Little Architects: kids age 3-5 years old

Our little learners will explore architecture and the arts through our Little Architects drop-off program every Saturday morning 9:30am-11:00am. Over the course of the term, children will be exploring a variety of concepts that will expand their understanding of the visual and physical concepts that are integral to architecture and the arts. They will be using Magformers to recreate a range of structures, from basic buildings to famous landmarks! The Magformers will also be used to improve children's understanding of 2D and 3D objects, whilst also putting their artistic skills to good use as they design structures on paper.