Earning Gymbucks

Gymboree Play & Music

For each class program purchased at participating Gymboree Play & Music locations during an earnings period, you will receive $25 worth of Gymbucks, which may only be redeemed at Gymboree retail stores within country of issuance or www.gymboree.com.

Retail stores and gymboree.com

For every $50 spent at Gymboree retail stores or www.gymboree.com during an earnings period, you will receive $25 worth of Gymbucks.* If you return or exchange an item and the qualifying purchase falls below the $50 threshold, Gymbucks will be subtracted in $25 increments.

Redeeming Gymbucks

Gymboree Play & Music

$25 worth of Gymbucks is only redeemable by new families purchasing their first class program at participating Gymboree Play & Music locations. Not valid for merchandise or other services. Find a Gymboree Play & Music location near you.

Retail stores and gymboree.com

You can redeem $25 off a $50 merchandise purchase* during the redemption period. Original receipt or web invoice from qualifying purchase must be attached to the Gymbucks in order to redeem in-store. Your Gymbucks will be applied as a percentage discount on each item in your transaction. You will receive the price paid (after the discount) on all returned or exchanged merchandise. The value of your Gymbucks will not be returned if you make a return or exchange. To instantly redeem online, a Gymbucks redemption section will appear during applicable redemption dates on the billing page in checkout. This is where you will enter the last 9-digits of the Gymbucks number (printed in bold) and 4-digit PIN from your coupon or packing slip. You may enter multiple Gymbucks numbers per order.

During a redemption period, Gymbucks may not be combined with any other offer except for the Gymboree Visa® discount and/or enrollment bonus and Gymboree's in-store promotions that do not require a specific coupon or authenticated code. Gymboree shall determine the order of applying the discounts and promotions in Gymboree's sole discretion. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Gymbucks may not be combined with any discounts obtained during a Gymboree Visa® application drive during which a customer receives a discount on a purchase made that day if a customer turns in a completed Gymboree Visa® application that day.

Gymbucks may only be redeemed in the following ways: 1) if issued in a U.S. Gymboree store, U.S. Gymboree Play & Music location or by www.gymboree.com at any U.S. Gymboree retail store or online at www.gymboree.com and 2) if issued in a Canada Gymboree store or Canada Play & Music location, at any Canada Gymboree retail store. Gymbucks earned at Canadian stores cannot be redeemed in US Gymboree stores or online. Gymbucks are not valid at Gymboree Outlet. Gymbucks can no longer be redeemed via mail. If you are having any problems redeeming your Gymbucks electronically, please contact Customer Service at 1-877-4-GYMWEB (1-877-449-6932).

*Additional Gymbucks Information

To qualify for Gymbucks during issuance and redemption, purchase must exceed $50 before tax, donations and shipping fees and after Gymboree Visa® discount, enrollment bonus and other discounts or promotions (to be determined by Gymboree). Gymboree shall determine the order of applying discounts and enrollment bonus in its sole discretion. Qualifying purchase must be made in one transaction. Transactions may not be combined to meet $50 thresholds.

Merchandise credits cannot be used as a form of payment in conjunction with Gymbucks issuance or redemption. Gymbucks cannot be earned or redeemed for the purchase of gift cards/certificates or redeemed with in-store phone orders. Redemption transactions involving Gymbucks are not eligible for price adjustments. Gymbucks may not be redeemed for cash. No adjustments will be made to prior sales. Photocopies of receipts, web invoices or Gymbucks will not be accepted. Lost, stolen, expired or destroyed Gymbucks will not be replaced. Gymbucks may not be sold, altered, duplicated, negotiated, auctioned or bartered and may not be transferred in conjunction with the sale or barter of another item(s). Any violation of the above will result in deactivation of the affected Gymbucks.

Employees (or spouses) of The Gymboree Corporation, Gymboree Play & Music Franchisees and their employees are not eligible to participate. Use of this coupon constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions, except where prohibited by law. Gymboree reserves the right to change these policies or cancel this promotion at any time.