School Skills (3-6 years old)

Our Online Literacy Preschool Program!
Foster an early love for reading and writing with a class that supports vocabulary, letter recognition, phonics and rhyming in a supportive setting that encourages sharing and interacting with peers, following directions, and taking turns.
Class Announcements
Each week your child will be able to access a homework assignment that corresponds with the weekly lesson.
Recommended Reading List
We have compiled a “ready to read” book list to encourage your eager new reader based on class themes. Purchasing these books is optional and offers additional practice.
1. Understanding of Language
  • a. Phrases or sentences
  • b. Usage of complex vocabulary
  • c. Nouns, verbs, and adjectives.
2. Comprehension
  • a. Knowledge of characters and events
  • b. Understanding of informational texts
  • c. Summarizing a story
3. Letter and Word Knowledge
  • a. Understand letters make up words
  • b. Identify sight words
  • c. Identify letters by name and sound
4. Writing
  • a. Uses letters to write own name
  • b. Write letters to create words
  • c. Poems and rhyming
SOME of the concepts incorporated into School Skills are:
Letter Recognition:
Ability to visually recognize different letters of the alphabet. Letter recognition helps form a basis for lifelong language development and literacy.
Building Fine Motor Skills:
Using the pointer finger to make the shape of a letter helps develop hand strength. Feeling and imagining the shape of the letter on different parts of your body support letter recognition and identification.
The relationship between a written letter of the alphabet and the spoken sound associated with that letter. Reading development is dependent on the ability to associate letter symbols with sounds.
The collection of words known to an individual person. Children who have a larger vocabulary are better able to understand the world around them and communicate with others.
Beginning Sounds:
Having letter sound knowledge will support children in being able to identify unknown words when they begin to read and write. Learning these beginning sounds will allow children to become more independent readers and writers as they prepare for school.
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