School Skills (3-6 years old)

Our Online Preschool Program!
What to expect in class:
Highly-engaging themes will bring learning to life as we encourage social interaction and explore literacy, math, movement, and more in this Preschool class.
A trained teacher will bring captivating themes to life -- Dinosaurs, Camping, Outer Space, and more will create an exciting environment in which preschoolers are motivated to learn and succeed.
A new letter is introduced with each theme, allowing children to learn and review letter sounds, letter recognition, and vocabulary. Children will also get the opportunity to practice their math skills through counting, sorting, measuring, and comparison exercises that relate to the theme.
Nurture your preschooler’s curiosity and solidify an early love for learning. Improve social skills like building confidence and taking turns while practicing literacy, math, and gross motor skills. A bi-weekly learning cycle allows for practice and mastery of subjects.
SOME of the skills incorporated into the program are:
Letter Recognition:
Ability to visually recognize different letters of the alphabet. Letter recognition helps form a basis for lifelong language development and literacy.
The relationship between a written letter of the alphabet and the spoken sound associated with that letter. Reading development is dependent on the ability to associate letter symbols with sounds.
The collection of words known to an individual person. Children who have a larger vocabulary are better able to understand the world around them and communicate with others.
Number Sense:
Ability to understand numbers and quantity, recognize relationships between singular objects and groups of objects, and understand concepts like more and less, bigger and smaller, and longer and shorter.
Social Skills:
Building confidence, sharing and interacting with peers, following directions, and taking turns.