Preschool Play & Prep with HOMER (2-3 years old)

Literacy, Math, and Social Skills all through an engaging virtual experience.
What to expect in class:
We will be working on building curiosity, expanding our vocabulary, and making meaningful connections relating life to learning and learning to life.
All class activities are taught by a trained teacher. Our highly engaging themes create a captivating setting for children to be motivated and engaged as they explore movement and gain early learning skills around math, SEL, and literacy in preparation for preschool.
This program supports an introduction to early literacy, math, and social skills while getting kids excited about learning and coming to a class (even virtually!) A bi-weekly learning cycle allows for practice and mastery of subjects.
SOME of the skills incorporated into the program are:
Phonemic Awareness:
Identify sounds in spoken words, and attach meaning to sounds and words.
Auditory Skills:
Auditorily comprehend words and sounds; like being able to understand directions, follow a story, or engage in a conversation.
Learning to count small amounts so that every number matches a given object.
Foundations of Print:
Understanding that letters are special symbols, that they can be joined to form words, and each letter is associated with a special sound.
Personal and Social Skills:
Sharing, cooperating, following directions, empathy, and taking turns.
Extend the learning: Get FREE access to the HOMER App.
When you begin your Preschool Play & Prep with HOMER membership, you’ll receive a free 3-month subscription to HOMER’s early learning app for ages 2-8. The HOMER program offers a personalized learning journey that grows with children and build essential skills — from letters and sounds to sight words, to eventually reading and spelling.