Music & Play (Ages 1-6)

Toddler Play & Learn, Family Play & Learn, and Family Music.
What to expect in Family Music class:
All class activities are taught by a Gymboree Play & Music trained teacher. Your little one will get to practice different musical elements like beat, rhythm and tempo, learn new songs to sing, and dance to recorded music while exploring a different musical genre every three weeks.
Gymboree Play & Music’s Virtual Music Classes are designed to support musical growth and development while reinforcing children's cognitive, physical, and social areas of learning. Through participation in Gymboree Music classes, your child will benefit from the following areas of development:
SOME of the skills incorporated into the program are:
Musical Development:
Develop a sense of rhythm and beat and coordinate physical movements with sound; Practice tonal development through speaking, chanting, singing and silly sounds; Develop and practice intonation (the ability to sing a melody in tune).
Physical Development:
Engage in full-body movement, which promotes body awareness, spatial understanding, coordination, dexterity and self-control, and helps build strong muscles and bones.
Cognitive Development:
Support brain development as we practice cause and effect, problem-solving, and reasoning skills; Build memory, learn to recognize and replicate patterns, and gain ability to make comparisons in respect to space and time (spatial-temporal thinking).
Speech & Language Development:
Children learn music in the same way they learn a language; Practice articulating different sounds and gain a better understanding of the patterns and structure of language and speech.
Social-Emotional Development:
Explore a wide variety of musical genres and observe how your child responds to and interacts with different musical sounds; Gain a sense of confidence and independence while strengthening the bond between child and caregiver.
Creative Development:
Expression through singing, dancing, and playing instruments.
What to expect in Toddler & Family Play classes:
Our Toddler & Family classes are focused on gross motor movement and prop play while exploring simple concepts like “on and off” and “high and low,”as well as imaginary themes like “outer space” and “dinosaurs.” Includes storytime, pretend play, and lots of movement and dancing with engaging themes that children love.