Baby Play & Learn (0-1 year old)

Online Nourishment For Your Baby’s Brain! This is the new parent experience you've been looking for.
What to expect in class:
We will work on boosting your baby’s brain development by engaging them in sensory play activities that will help to stimulate their sense of sight, sound, touch, motion, body awareness, and bonding.
All class activities are taught by a Gymboree Play & Music trained teacher. Sweet, simple songs are paired with sensory exercises that allow babies to explore their senses and encourage bonding and interaction between baby and adult.
Adults will also have the opportunity to chat with other parents during our Parent Sharing discussions.
Baby Play & Learn will teach you a variety of ways to connect and play with your new bundle of joy. Sensory-based activities help create neural pathways in babies’ brains and encourage the development of language, motor skills, and even early problem solving and scientific thinking. A bi-weekly learning cycle allows for practice and mastery of activities for adults and helps babies build their memory.
SOME of the skills incorporated into the program are:
Tactile Stimulation:
Sensory input in response to touch, pressure, temperature, pain, and the movement of hairs on the skin. Feeling comfortable with tactile stimulation allows baby to accept unexpected touch, various textured clothing and various textured foods.
Auditory Stimulation:
Sensory input related to the sense of hearing. Auditory stimulation provides the basis for learning the rhythm, pitch, and intonation of spoken language.
Visual Tracking:
Uses eyes to follow moving objects, especially when object is held about 12 inches away and moved slowly. For older children, this skill is necessary for reading.
Unoccupied Play:
What appear to be random movements with no clear purpose are actually the beginnings of baby’s social future! These movements are an attempt to learn about and move within their environment.
The intense attachment formed between caregiver and child. This is a child’s first introduction to human relationships, and it is a key part of their social development.