Intermediate Math Homework

Theme 1:
The Beach
This week, our theme is The Beach. We will talk about our favorite parts of visiting the beach as we learn about parts and wholes. We will learn about the properties of a heptagon, and practice graphing. This lesson's Science Experiment: Ocean Layers in a Bottle
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Theme 2:
This week, our theme is Food. We will talk about nutrition and the different food groups as we practice a series of additions within 10 and a series of subtractions within 10. We will learn about the properties of an octagon, and practice patterning in an ABBABB sequence. This lesson's Science Experiment: Fizzing Lemons (Acid + Base Chemical Reaction)
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Theme 3:
My Community
This week, our theme is My Community. We will talk about community helpers and what makes a community as we practice a mix of additions and subtractions within 10. We will learn about the properties of 3D cubes and cuboids compared to flat squares and rectangles, and practice measurement and comparison. This lesson's Science Experiment: The Importance of Dental Health
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Theme 4:
This week, our theme is Animals. We will talk about all different kinds of animals and their behaviors as we practice adding 10 to single digit numbers and subtracting 10 from numbers above 10. We will review the properties of circles, triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons, heptagons, octagons, and 3D cubes and cuboids. This lesson's Science Experiment: Bubble Snake
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Theme 5:
This week, our theme is Celebrations. We will talk about different types of celebrations and the many ways we can celebrate as we practice addition within 20, with and without carrying. We will learn about more 3D shapes like pyramids and prisms and how they are different from flat shapes, and practice reading a calendar. This lesson's Science Experiment: Inflate a Balloon with a Chemical Reaction
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Theme 6:
Art & Music
This week, our theme is Art and Music. We will talk about the different ways we can express ourselves through imagery, music and dance as we practice subtraction within 20, with and without borrowing. We will review all 3D shapes and flat shapes, and the different types of pattens we explored during this curriculum. This lesson's Science Experiment: Magic Milk
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