Gymboree Play & Music Online Classes

Gymboree Play & Music is the global leader for developmental play, music, and preschool classes for parents and children ages 0-6.

Baby (0-1 year old)

Baby Play & Learn (0-1 year old) – Limited Spots

This is the new parent experience you've been looking for! Let our skilled Gymboree Play & Music teachers work with you and your baby on sensory play, nurturing exercise, and bonding. PLUS there will be an opportunity for real-time coaching! Our small class size allows you to interact online with other new parents too.
Preschool Prep
(2-3 years old)

Preschool Play & Prep with HOMER (2-3 years old) – Limited Spots

Get your child ready for preschool! Preschool Play & Prep is the first jointly created class by Gymboree Play & Music and HOMER. Our specially trained teachers will introduce little learners to letter recognition, literacy learning, early math concepts like counting, shapes, and sorting with fun games and activities.
School Readiness
(3-6 years old)

School Skills (3-6 years old) – Limited Spots

School Skills is our Online Literacy Preschool Program! Let our skilled teachers work online with your children on letter recognition, handwriting, phonics, vocabulary & basic learning comprehension. Parent participation is optional as children can learn independently in this class.

Math Skills (Beginner & Intermediate) (3 - 6 years old) – Limited Spots

Get your child “math ready” with online Math Skills classes! Our comprehensive program was created by experts in early childhood education and is designed to get young children ready to enter Kindergarten. Classes utilize “The Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework” which is grounded in comprehensive research around what young children should know and be able to do during their early years.

Your child will learn to identify and utilize numbers in various ways while practicing different methods of problem-solving, giving them the tools they need to become logical thinkers and gain a better sense of reasoning and learning comprehension. Classes include weekly homework projects.
Play & Music

Family Music (1-6 years old)

Family Music is designed to support musical growth and development while reinforcing children's cognitive, physical, and social areas of learning. A skilled instructor will teach the basic elements of music with highly engaging themes and musical selections. This multi- sensory music class combines fun with learning the basic foundations of music.

Toddler Play & Learn (1-2 years old)

It's time to get your little one moving. Let's use some of that toddler energy in this teacher-led, parents facilitated online playtime. This class is designed to support parents with their toddlers as we will sing, move, and play!

Family Play & Learn (1-6 years old)

Put on your pretend hats and let’s laugh and play! The whole family will enjoy music, movement, and storytime!

Why everyone loves Online Playtime

  • “So great to finally have online playtime for my little one. She had fun!”

  • “I find this program is very beneficial from the kids' physical, emotional and social development point of view.”

  • “The teachers are fantastic! This was such a special treat for my son to participate in. Thank you!”

  • “Wonderful teachers with great energy! My daughter was engaged and really had a good time.”

  • “Love the weekly themes! My child enjoyed the bubbles, stories, and singing. Thank you for offering this fun, at home's a good and much needed break!”