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Preschool Prep with HOMER (24-36 months)

Focus: Preschool and Kindergarten readiness

Where they are:

Your little learner is ready to start on ABC’s and 123’s. They are showing more interest in talking and figuring out the relationship between letters and language. They are also ready to learn basic counting skills and the relationship that numbers have to objects.

What to expect in class:

Classes are taught by a trained teacher who will cover all 26 letters and relate each letter to real life in a fun and interactive setting. “A” represents Apple! Numbers 1-10 will also be learned and related to life -- 1 pear, 2 apples, 3 blocks.


Preschool Prep with HOMER offers highly engaging themes that create a captivating setting for children to be motivated and engaged as they explore movement and gain early learning skills in preparation for preschool, Kindergarten and life!


Early learners will be working on building curiosity, expanding vocabulary, and making meaningful connections as they get “Preschool Ready” with these important life skills.

Early Literacy & Math We’ve created an engaging in-person setting for children to be motivated and engaged as they explore math, SEL, and literacy. Children will learn while enjoying captivating themes that include -- All About Me and Farms & Food.

Independence Our small classroom setting will help children develop life-readiness skills like communication and collaboration apart from parents and guardians.

Social Skills Children will learn to share, follow directions, and take turns. They will also be participating in simple back-and-forth conversational exchanges with both teachers and other children.

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